Qwerty A Minimal Longform Writing Theme

Qwerty is a minimal, responsive, longform writing theme for WordPress.

Great care has been taken to remove all unnecessary elements. You won’t find any external javascript dependencies, complex image sprites, or heavy web fonts.

We wanted to build the fastest, lightest weight theme we could. It’s about displaying your content without the bloat, making your site load much faster than a typical WordPress theme.

Qwerty scores an 88 out of 100 with only 8 requests on a Pingdom speed test. Pretty awesome for a WordPress theme.

View a Demo Download from GitHub

Qwerty Screenshot

Mercury A P2 Child Theme

Mercury is an open source child theme for Automattic's WordPress P2 theme.

Automattic uses P2 internally as their main communications platform, and we wanted to contribute back to the WordPress community.

Mercury takes P2 and updates its look to be more modern. We also removed the completely separate mobile version of the theme, and instead opted for a mobile first responsive design.

You can read more about the creation of Mercury on Ryan’s personal site: “Mercury: A WordPress P2 Child Theme” and “Uploading a Child Theme to the WordPress.org Theme Directory.”

View a Demo Download from WordPress


Slate A Free WordPress Admin Theme

Slate is a clean and simplified admin theme for WordPress 4.0.

Our goal was to simplify the visual design with a primary focus on the content writing experience.

We’ve always found the default theme to be too busy, with separate boxes, background colors, borders and minimal padding between them. By removing those distractions and giving each area a little room to breath, the interface calms down and your eye can focus a little better.

You can read more about the creation of Slate on Ryan’s personal site: “Slate: A WordPress Admin Theme.”

Download from WordPress Download from GitHub

Slate Screenshot

Obvious Post States A Simple WordPress Plugin

We always had a hard time quickly scanning to check for post states in the WordPress admin.

So we made Obvious Post States, which does what its name implies: makes the post states of your Posts and Pages stand out.

Download from WordPress Download from GitHub

Obvious Post States Screenshot


We were making websites when Flash was the new hot. Fortunately, we’ve kept up with the times.

What we promise in simple terms: your site will work great on any device, your customers will find what they came for and enjoy their visit, and you’ll make new friends and be the life of the party.

We believe in craftsmanship, customer service, Oxford commas, and humor. If you value those too, this thing between us might just work out.


Note: We’re not taking on any new projects at this time.

You can can find me on Twitter.