Slate Pro A Premium White Label Admin Theme for WordPress

Slate Pro is a powerful WordPress admin theme plugin that reimagines WordPress with a clean and simplified design. White label your WordPress install with custom colors, a custom login screen, custom admin branding, and more.

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If You Design or Develop for WordPress You Need Slate Pro

  • Reimagines the WordPress Admin in a clean, modern, and simplified design. Your clients will love it.
  • Change or remove all WordPress branding, creating a true White label admin area for your clients.
  • Create your own color scheme, add your own branding to both the admin and login pages — make it your own!
  • 6 months of support and all 1.x version updates with your purchase, so there’s no need to worry.
  • Updates through the WordPress Plugins page makes updating easy as pie.

Make WordPress Your Own

You spend countless hours on your design and code, sweating all the details. Shouldn’t your Content Management System reflect your own brand?

And while you’re at it, how about making it beautiful instead of run-of-the-mill?

With Slate Pro you can create a completely customized WordPress Admin area without any WordPress branding. Your clients don’t even have to know that you’re using WordPress!

Create a look and feel that matches your brand.

Buy Slate Pro for $21

Customer Reviews

Check out these reviews for Slate, our original admin theme


99.99% Perfect

The only thing that could make this interface more perfect is if it was native WordPress. I am using it on all my sites from now on.

- Terence


Best Looking WordPress Admin Ever

Thank you so much for this pretty looking admin.

- Tatjana


Much Better than the Default

Love it. I'll install on all of my sites.

- Phil


Really Nice Theme

This theme makes wp-admin so much nicer to use. Cleaner, leaner and much better looking. Love it.

- Luis


Color Schemes

  • Completely customize all colors for a truly personalized and professional look.
  • Users can choose from preset colors through their profile page.
  • Hide the ability for users to choose their own colors.
  • 8 Color Schemes included and more to come!

Admin Branding

  • Highlight your web design and development services!
  • Add a full size and collapsed logos to the WordPress Admin Menu.
  • Add a custom favicon.
  • Customize all colors.

Login Page

  • Add a logo.
  • Add a background image.
  • Change the logo link and title.
  • Choose how the background image displays.
  • Customize all colors.


  • Hide the default Welcome Message.
  • Create a custom widget.
  • Remove distracting, unneeded Dashboard widgets.


  • Hide Admin Menu items for specific users.
  • Hide the Slate Pro Settings for specific users.
  • Hide Slate Pro from the Plugins page for specific users.

Admin Bar

  • Hide the Admin Bar.
  • Hide just the WordPress logo from the Admin Bar.
  • Customize all colors.

Admin Footer

  • Hide the Footer.
  • Display custom footer text with HTML support.
  • Hide the version number.
  • Customize all colors.

Content and Notices

  • Hide the Help tab.
  • Hide the Screen Options tab.
  • Hide WordPress Update Notices.
  • Hide WordPress Theme Update Notices.
  • Hide WordPress Plugin Update Notices.

Multisite Compatible

  • Control look of all sub-sites.
  • Network Activation requires only a single license key.
  • Sub-sites can activate their own copies.

Language Support

  • Translation ready.
  • Portuguese translation included.


  • Easily backup all your settings.
Buy Slate Pro for $21


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